Shooting My Ashes into Space?

space-funeralAfter my last article on buying the starved for your baby I thought it would be cool to stay in this whole space themed thing and write about a website I just happened to find.

Since the last article was about the beginning of life, this article is going to be about the end-of-life.

What I’m talking about here is the idea of having your ashes shot out into space after you perish.

Now that might seem a little weird and I guess it is to appoint.

But how cool would that be? To have your ashes literally shot out into space and the float around for all of eternity?

In the Japanese tradition most people choose to have their bodies cremated anyway. The only part that’s actually different is that instead of putting the ashes in an urn and putting it in a small burial space , you would just give your ashes to the company and they will put them on a rocket and send them out to space.

From there your ashes would be  jettisoned into the atmosphere. Although I don’t think you call it an atmosphere since there is no atmosphere, but I have no idea what the word would be.

And you don’t even have to give them all the ashes. You can just choose to give them a little or all of them. It’s totally up to you.

Although this is one of many cool funeral memorial ideas I’ve seen, I don’t know if I would actually do this.

In the Japanese edition the ideas you have a kind of family crypt. This is where not only you but your ancestors come to pay their respects and remember you.

And that brings me to another point, if you shoot all your ashes up into the sky then how’d does somebody actually pay their respects?

I guess this could come as to ways. Either the idea that every time they look up at the sky it’s kind of given you or respect. Or on the negative side, there really is no way.

Not only that, our traditional tomb sweeping day would be pretty difficult when there’s no tomb.

If you don’t know what tomb sweeping day is, it’s an Asian holiday where you’re living family members go to your ancestral resting places and literally sweep the tomb.

You clean the tunes up, plant flowers and burn incense.

You remember your ancestors and pray.

It’s actually a pretty cool holiday. And one that I try to keep alive even though I’m living in America with my family. I just think there’s some traditions that you should try to keep the matter where you’re from or where you live.

So if I did have my ashes shot out into space on a rocket, I think I would only give them a little bit. I would still want some to be placed in an urn so that my future family can at least remember me from time to time.

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