Improve Night Footage From A WiFi Baby Monitor

wifi baby monitor tipsA WiFi baby monitor can be of big help for parents, whether they are out at work or right across the room getting some household chores done. If you want to check up on your baby, then all you need to do is whip out your phone, hook up to wireless Internet access and then view the feed from the remote camera you set up.

Checking up on your baby at night can be a problem, though. The poor lighting means that you will need to set up you WiFi baby monitor to work best in those conditions. Here are a few tips to help you do just that:

Get A Baby Camera With Infrared Capability

The very first thing you need to do is procure a camera with night-vision capabilities in the first place. You will want to look out for cameras with IR LEDs – or infrared light-emitting diodes. The light these bulbs emit are virtually invisible to the naked eye but will show up on the WiFi camera’s instruments as they reflect off nearby objects.

Look For A Zero Lux Rating

The lux rating indicates the light levels wherein a camera’s night vision functions will still work. A zero lux rating means that the camera’s night vision will work even when there is absolutely no natural light present in the area.

Look For IR Cut Filters

If you plan to use your WiFi baby monitor for both day and nighttime purposes, then an IR cut filter is a must. This filter will automatically switch between working with visible light (i.e. sunlight, lamplight) and working with infrared light. This makes it easier to keep track of your baby even when someone flips the lights on and off at night.

Note The Maximum Distance Of The IR LEDs

This is a very important factor when hunting around for night vision cameras. You will want to pick out IP cameras that can work from at least 3 feet away. Three feet is just about right for baby monitors, as the camera will be far enough to prevent your average infant from reaching it. Older infants or even toddlers will need cameras that work from 10 feet. This is because they tend to be more mobile and can start crawling around (or even up) when they get curious.

Stabilize The Camera

This one is pretty straightforward: simply make sure that the WiFi baby monitor is secured on a firm and solid surface. Even slight movement can blur the image, so you’ll need to find a desk or shelf that won’t wobble around. Some models come with clamps or bolts to help secure them in place.

Periodically Clean The Lenses

It is very important that no dust or smudges get on the lens of the wireless baby monitor. Even tiny smudges and dust particles will be blown up when the light from the infrared LEDs hit them. The result: bright splotches that obscure what the digital camera captures.

Don’t Let Dust Build Up On The Camera

It is especially problematic when dust gets inside the lens or the protective layer covering the lens. Not only will the same bright splotches obscure camera footage, but it will be significantly more difficult to get them out. Make sure there is a gasket or protective dome that prevents dust from getting inside the protective layer covering the lens.

Keep these tips in mind when selecting and setting up a WiFi baby monitor – they’ll help ensure that you get the most out of them!

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