Guest Post: Japanese Couple’s cups or meoto chawan

Japanese Couple’s cups or meoto chawan

meioto-yu cupsThe married-couple teacups are called meoto-chawan (夫婦茶碗) or meoto-yunomi (夫婦湯呑み), This is the meoto means “husband and wife or married couple” in Japanese , traditional set of teacups (yunomi) for couples.

The cups in this set are matching with the exception that the cup for the husband is slightly larger while the wife’s cup is smaller.

Sometimes they’re given to couples as a gift for newlyweds.



Size of cup:

Husband’s cup:  height ca 8.5 cm, diameter 6.5cm
Wife’s cup: height ca 8 cm, diameter 6 cm


meoto-chawan (夫婦茶碗)








•    meoto-chawan (夫婦茶碗)

meoto-yunomi (夫婦湯呑み)

•    meoto-yunomi (夫婦湯呑み)

meoto-hashi (夫婦箸)





•    meoto-hashi (夫婦箸)

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