Fireplace Romance

home with a fireplaceSome close friends have just moved into a beautiful, classic Victorian townhouse and I’ve dutifully been round to admire the place.

I have to say it is absolutely stunning and I’m more than a little bit jealous.

It’s not just the lovely appearance on the outside either, the rooms are perfectly proportioned with high ceilings and lots of natural daylight, and the place is crammed with original features.

I am guessing that our friends will be spending lots of time at reclamation yards over the coming months kitting out their pride and joy with lovingly restored treasures.

And I can’t even imagine how much they paid. Just look at the listings for some Oak Forest homes for sale in the same neighborhood, these homes aren’t cheap!

One of my favorite things about properties from this era is that the bedrooms have fireplaces.

There is something so cozy and romantic about peaking over the duvet at a roaring fire from the depths of double beds whilst outside the world is cold and snowy!

Choosing a fireplace for your bedroom is only really advisable in a period property otherwise it might look slightly odd. Any room without a chimney breast in fact may well look strange with a fire in it – particularly on the first floor.

To pick the best fireplace for your bedroom then start by working out what is most appropriate for your house. Different styles of fire will work better with certain types of chimney so make sure you consult an expert.

If you are trying to retain the integrity of the property as well then go for a fireplace which matches the style prevalent in the period which the house was built in and get an original model if at all possible.

Make sure you position furniture carefully too – that gorgeous new wooden bed frame from Bensons For Beds will not look great with an unsightly scorch mark down the side of it!

A fireplace can make a bedroom perfect so choose wisely and enjoy the results for years to come.

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