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Shooting My Ashes into Space?

After my last article on buying the starved for your baby I thought it would be cool to stay in this whole space themed thing and write about a website I just happened to find. Since the last article was about the beginning of life, this article is going to be about the end-of-life.

Guest Author: The ceremony of Coming of Age Day

The ceremony of Coming-of-Age Day. (Seijin-no-hi, ????) The Japanese Coming of Age Ceremony (Seijin shiki or Seijin no hi) is a Japanese annual event, which takes place on the second Monday of January (it used to be celebrated always on January 15 until the year 1999), on January 15 th is a national holiday.

Guest Post: Japanese Couple’s cups or meoto chawan

Japanese Couple’s cups or meoto chawan The married-couple teacups are called meoto-chawan (夫婦茶碗) or meoto-yunomi (夫婦湯呑み), This is the meoto means “husband and wife or married couple” in Japanese , traditional set of teacups (yunomi) for couples. The cups in this set are matching with the exception that the cup for the husband is