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Practical Electrical Safety Tips for Your Family

Understanding rudimentary home electrical wiring and observing electrical safety precautions makes most repairs an easy task. Among the various kinds of home repairs you can make, an electrical repair is considered by some as the most difficult. The truth is that understanding rudimentary home electrical wiring and observing electrical safety precautions makes most repairs an easy

Easy Home Decorating Tips

Do you want to change your home decor fast? Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Just relax and follow these easy home decorating tips to make your living environment uniquely you. Home Decorating can be a little daunting, mainly because we don’t want to get stuck with something that’s ugly. But, if

DIY Projects Done Safely

Do it yourself projects are fun to accomplish for many reasons, so here are 10 safety tips for you to consider while doing them. Many men and women are doing the DIY projects to save money myself included, however they should be done safely which is why I decided to share this. 1. Plan

Feng Shui Architecture

Feng Shui Architecture Home Builder Tips IDEAL HOUSE (/LOT) SHAPE The ideal shape for your house or your lot is rectangular or simple square. Irregular shapes for these things make it difficult to pinpoint the center, and thus may cause your chi or lucky energy to weaken. The simpler the shape of your house,

Fireplace Romance

Some close friends have just moved into a beautiful, classic Victorian townhouse and I’ve dutifully been round to admire the place. I have to say it is absolutely stunning and I’m more than a little bit jealous. It’s not just the lovely appearance on the outside either, the rooms are perfectly proportioned with high

How do you find the best spa?

One of my favorite things to do if and when I ever get some free time is to spend a day at a spa being totally pampered by other people. Even if I can’t afford the time to take a whole day, even a few hours can completely turn around my entire week. And

Getting a Star certificate for My Baby

So it finally arrived today! My baby’s star certificate. After today, our son officially owns one of the stars in the galaxy. Now I know you’re probably wondering what this is all about? All the walls in our house have either pictures of our family, paintings or some kind of certifications or certificate of

America’s Women Are Homeless

I was just browsing the Internet and I came across this quote. It states how America has the largest number of homeless women and children in all the industrialized world. “These are interrelated, of course. Seventy million women and the children who depend on them are living in or on the brink of poverty

A Rich Life With Less Stuff

We decided to have a garage sale this weekend. It’s that time a year, spring cleaning and get in all the old stuff out of the house and usually, into the garage. But this year we realized the garage is so darn full, there is nowhere to put anything new. Hence the garage sale

Time For A New Dress?

You would think after having a garage sale and even posting about the whole minimal lists movement and how it made me think a lot, the last thing I would want is to buy something new. But… I just did anyway. I love browsing the Internet for all kinds of different things. I also